On the first day of the month, I like to wander into the garden, camera in hand, to capture the portraits of whatever happens to be blooming. Even in months when it's cold or the weather has been bad, we're always surprised at how many different flowers there are. Enjoy floral quilt photo collages of what's blooming. Click here for more.

January '13 - New Year's Day
Wishing you a stellar new year filled with love. We forget, year to year, how much can actually be in bloom on the first day of the year

Click here for my favorite New Year's Day 2013 photo.





January '07
Thirteen kinds of roses, thirteen kinds of geraniums, and six kinds of osteospermums were among the stars of the garden on New Year's Day 2007. Argyranthemums are just starting to bloom, as are the dalechampias.
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February '07

February brought record cold, many nights with frost and ice, yet only an inch of rain. Most of the thunbergias and orchid vines were destroyed by cold, yet some survived. Same for alstromerias. We cut most of the roses back in early January. On February 1, aloes were still blooming strong, osteos were adding blooms, bulbines were starting to add their glitter to the garden. Narcissus, both paperwhites and Golden Dawn are blooming profusely, and anemones are exuberant in the cutting garden. As always, the abutilons and red passion flowers bloom every day.
Click for our favorite February photo.


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